by simon baird

Sunday, February 17, 2008

one more post...

I wanted to tell you about my friend, lets call him meangreen. he's got one of the top ten coolest jobs I can think of at the moment. his job is to drive around queensland in holden astra loaded with eighteen terrabytes of disk, a multidirectional camera rig mounted on a pole sticking up through the roof of the car. he gets put up in hotels and has a company expense card. can you guess? google. specifically google street view. he said he found the job advertised on google's web site and called up. they said, hey you're the first applicant, it's only been advertised for about thirty minutes. so, hot tip, australia's getting google street view. hotter tip, if you know meangreen, see if you can find out when he's scheduled to drive by your house or favourite landmark. you could wave for the cameras. or make a sign. be creative.

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