by simon baird

Sunday, February 17, 2008

dell's chinese factory workers work on the weekend?

angus[1] would not approve.

[1] an antiglobalisation, anticonsumerist guy I had a conversation with on the way to the opera house

ps, sorry about the blogostorm today. a tip for successful blogging: post at regular intervals. don't overwhelm your readers with a flood of posts (especially in between long silences).


Anonymous said...

Hi - I work at Dell on Corporate Responsibility issues and noticed this post today. Wanted to be sure I understood - is it your order tracking that you copied in there? I wasn't clear if you were linking back to another conversation with the Angus reference?

Anyhow - any questions about how we manage labor policies please do let me know, thanks, Bryant

simon said...

Well it looks like my order was built and shipped on Saturday. This is okay by me and I have no particular reason to suspect Dell factory workers are anything but well looked after and fairly treated. But I was reminded of a (real life) conversation that I alluded to in the post, and I suppose I have seen stories about computer manufacturers using or condoning "sweat shop" conditions in their assembly plants. Perhaps you could link to some information about Dell's labour policies?

Green Apple Cat said...

I'm all for blogostorms. I'm also for globalisation and consumerism. ;-)