by simon baird

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

monday night

I'm small blind, I limp in with 6 7 off suit. flop is 3 5 7. dude goes all in. everyone folds. I have him covered but only just. somehow I feel he hasn't flopped a straight and call. he's got K 6. my sevens hold, and bam I just about double up. it's my first time putting someone out.

dude goes all in pre flop with a low pair. For some reason I fold A Q. Another guy calls with A J. An ace hits on the flop. I miss a chance to triple up. Lesson: consider playing A Q pre-flop!

I'm on J 5 and a jack hits on the flop. I raise and get called. river is a 5. I slow play and make a minimum raise as dude (K J) hits two pair on the river and goes all in. I'm going home. Lesson: don't muck around with two pair on the turn. I go all in then he probably folds and I'm in the top 16.

(my third apl game and second at the riverside tavern. I made the top 25, actually probably closer to top 20, which was my best effort by a long shot).

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