by simon baird

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

journey begins

Woke up about seven. Some last minute errands and I'm on the bike with
giant pack on my back. Surprisingly not too bad. I park bike in j's
yard. Cover it and lock it. Pick up t's awesome Xmas card from the
bench top vice and walk to airport. It's about fifteen minutes but
warm and sweaty with pack. Check in and realize i'm ninety minutes
early. Wait ages for a coffee. Move through security where the qantas
hotspot signal is strong enough. See connie who is going to Melbourne.
Digging iPod touch, kid a, free wifi. Excited to see everyone in
cairns especially milly. She was a little frantic on phone this
morning. Wow just got a call about Toki's Beemer. Ten mins later
would have been too late.

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