by simon baird

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Office (USA)

One of the best things on TV at the moment. Thought it might 'jump the shark' at the end of season two with the Jim/Pam dynamic changing but fear not. Highlights from season three: Dwight's secret meeting with Jan, Andy meeting Michael the first time, Andy's phone in the roof, Pam's firewalk, and so many more. Here's a few clips. My only comment (warning spoiler....),

Jim, Karen is way hot! What are you thinking? ;)

So lets look at the track record for US remakes of UK shows. Red Dwarf? Ab Fab? Men Behaving badly? (I guess there are others..?) All disasters. So The Office was quite a surprise. Did you hear that Ben Silverman (responsible for The Office (US)) is making Kath & Kim (US)? My first instinct is disaster, but you never know, he's proven it can be done, right?

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