by simon baird

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Number 3: The Dunedin Regent Theatre 24 Hour Book Sale

We stumbled into this by chance in Dunedin. Imagine a beautiful old theatre like the Muppet Show theatre. The aisles and the stage are filled with books. It is literally shoulder to shoulder with excited people picking through books which are all 50 cents each. This is at about 10:30pm at night and outside it's beanie, scarf and gloves cold. There all ages of people there. Families, old folks, hipster couples. It seems like everyone is happy and smiling at each other. Most people are clutching a stack of books they've already found. When you buy books they wrap them up in newspaper so the streets outside are filled with people with wrapped book bundles. On the stage in a small area not filled with books there is a jazz band playing. Some people are sitting in the theatre seats watching the band. Milly and I were both so moved by the joy and beauty of the books and people that we both decided then that we have to move to Dunedin.

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