by simon baird

Thursday, August 02, 2007

my nz trip by the lazy blogger

I went too. Okay that was pretty lazy. I do promise some nz related posts in the future.

Oh alright, here's one now.

Top 5 things about NZ

5. They shrunk their coins. I don't know if you know this but Australian coins are enormous. Change for a coke zero can weigh more than the can. These things put holes in your pocket faster than an extra in Oliver Twist. They can destroy expensive wallets. NZ coins used to be the same size as Aussie coins but some time between my last time there and this time they shrunk them. Now they are about half the size they used to be. And to save themselves some effort, they kept the exact same design! Only smaller! Pure genius. Also they abolished the five cent piece and made the ten cent a bronzey colour like the old ones and twos used to be. C'mon Aussie, lets follow our Oceanic neighbours and get rid of our oversized coins.

Here's a picture: and a link.

4. The Flight of the Conchords
They have a tv show now. It's really good. They are like Tenacious D kinda but less metal and more Kiwi. Go and get it here if you're torrent savvy.

(to be continued).

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