by simon baird

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New iTunes is out

The full screen coverflow is nice, but... Did you ever want to be able to mess up your cds in coverflow? Their neat perfectly aligned sliding bugs me. I want to scatter them around. Pile them up. Dig around to find the one I want. Also can I have at least half of them with the wrong disc inside? Then can I play follow-the-trail-of-wrong-discs until I hopefully find the right one? Also can some of the cases be scratched and split with a few with broken hinges. That's what I want.

Plus, get this, iTunes knows what colour your shuffle is... HA! Brilliant.

Ps, please come back rawnet.

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Jeremy Ruston said...

The thing that really bugs me about coverflow is far more trivial... If you look at an album with very square artwork (like "Let It Be", say) carefully when it's slanted away from you, it's not drawn with true perspective; it's just x' = x; y' = y/2 kind of thing. In other words they used a cheap blit, even on fancy hardware that could easily do a real 3D render. Grrr to our Apple under-perfectionist overlords.