by simon baird

Friday, February 23, 2007

To Jimmy Fallon

I saw the movie you did with Drew Barrymore about being a baseball fan. On a plane. Believe me I wouldn't have seen so much of if except that I was on a plane. OMG. Total shit. Also you did a movie about taxis with Queen Latifah. I didn't see that but I'm guessing it wasn't great. Why not come back to SNL? Sure you won't be as rich as you are now. But you will at least be doing something worthwhile. Okay Tina Fey bailed but at least she had a plan other than "take Adam Sandler's part in crap movies".

Ps, to my regular readers, bitorrent "30 Rock" and watch some eps. Tina Fey's new show. It's really good.

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