by simon baird

Friday, March 30, 2007

bike update

It's day 3 of being a biker. So far I have done 60 kms. Each day I get a little better, my gear changes are becoming smoother and I feel more like I know what I'm doing. I learnt (the hard way) on day one, that it won't start with the kickstand down, well actually it starts fine in neutral but kills itself when you put it into gear. Which is a good thing. This cause me some grief when I was trying take off after the first tank of petrol when I forgot to put the kickstand up.. Also I've stalled it once or twice which is always fun especially when 50 cars are behind me at the lights. Today I took an alternate route to work including a trip over "the bridge" and took it up to, er, 100kph (very carefully of course). That was fun! Also a friend donated his old gearsack which is awesome I can fit my bag in there so it's not on my back and still have room for a couple of bags of shopping.

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