by simon baird

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

life without broadband

my broadband provider (Rawnet) gives used to give me ADSL2+ with 1500kbs throttled to 512kbs when I use my quota. they have free connection, free modem. This is for $25 a month. To compare my previous isp gave me ADSL1 with 512kbs throttled to 64kbps once I use my quota (10G) for $50 a month. Strangely rawnet can't afford to pay their internet bills and are currently "off the air". They've been offline for about a month. Their website says they will be back soon but I am starting to doubt it. I believe their managment board is either in Barbados lighting cigars with money, or catching a taxi from bank to bank trying to convince someone to give him 10 million dollars. I imagine it like this:

Rawnet guy: Okay I need 10 million to keep my business going.
Bank manager: Your business model of selling a service for half what it costs isn't working too well. What are you going to do?
R: We will purchase and install more DSLAMs in all the phone exchanges. We will expand into Cairns and Mackay. We will give out more $800 ADSL2+ modems. We will sponsor more sporting teams. And update our office decor. This way we can increase our customer base.
B: Thanks so much for dropping by.

I will miss you rawnet.

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tim said...

Broadband in the US is considered to be in the dark ages compared to countries like Japan and Korea, but I'll still take it over Australia and the UK any day. For about $30/month I get unlimited 3 Mbps ADSL. And that's truly unlimited, not "we'll throttle you after a few gigs, but you can download as much as you want at 64 kbps" unlimited. I asked what the download limit was when I signed up, they didn't know what I was talking about. Download limits are unheard of here.