by simon baird

Monday, August 21, 2006

Spam poetry

Weird huh. Could it be that the supreme beings are sending me messages through spam emails? What if I miss something important? OMG!!! Lycurgus???
Well, as I say, I was a little dazed when I came up and she wasstriking about and screaming so. We went out for a row after we got there. And then she began to cry, and I decided I couldnt talk to herany more about it there. Dont be so much of a moral and mentalcoward. Newcombs build to show what would follow in the caseof a girl of the size and weight of Miss Alden? Ever hear of people being resuscitated after they have apparentlydrowned? Well, you left her to wait until she had to threaten you becauseof her own terror and misery. I told you that afterwards I realized thatthere was nothing else to do. But you wanted to get rid of her just the same, didnt you? Why, Miss X and my life in Lycurgus, and what wed be up againstin case we did go away this way. Besides I was afraid if I went near her . And then I decided that if I wanted to save myself Ihad better swim ashore. But with that particular incident the court was adjourned for thisday. How was it that you couldget so calm and calculating the moment you set your foot on land? As far as from here to this end of thejury box or that end, or half way, or what? I dont know whether I did or not, replied Clyde, catching aglance from Jephson. Themoment she was dead to run away to that other girl. Well, then I thought I might run away, but I didnt like to thinkabout that very much. Besides, it had my camera withthe tripod outside. It seems to me that any one might ask that. And a perfectly good boat, strong enough to hold three or four up,within fifteen or twenty feet! You mean your lawyers have explained it foryou! And asthey did so Clyde chilled and stared. You received one on an average of every two days, didnt you? I wasnt exactly gay, I guess,but I thought it would be all right whichever way things went. Her bag was packed full ofthings, but there was room in mine. Well, I had thought about her too, but I thought she was betteroff and could stand it easier. About as far from here tothat end, I guess, he lied, stretching the distance by at leasteight feet. About asfar as from here to that railing beyond your table, I guess. Yet cautiously replying,I wouldnt be able to say.

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