by simon baird

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Certain other bloggers have recently posted photos of themselves or indeed their pets, perhaps implying that themselves or their pets are in fact cute. That may be so but as everyone knows the true measure of cuteness is fluffiness. Take for instance Dazey. Now she is cute. But paradoxically she's also sassy. I try not to let it show but I do have a favourite. Don't tell Zooey (and I do love her too) but if the house was burning I'd rescue Dazey first.


Mary said...

Yup, she's cute alright!

But are you allowed to tickle her tummy?

simon said...

It's possible. She doesn't mind being cradled for a little belly tickle. But you get the feeling she's tolerating you briefly rather than blissed out. She will demand head and lowerback scratches though when she requires them which is now and again. But only in an aristocratic sort of way, never pleading.

Mary said...

Nina demands things in much the same way - and you end feeling like she's just done you a favour by allowing some brief back scratching!