by simon baird

Thursday, August 03, 2006

random youtubing: caterpillar with fur and giant robot suit

It's a caterpillar! It's got fur! A bug you can cuddle! It's so cool! It could be your pet. Plus look at it's legs. It walks exactly like Catbus! OMG it's a baby Catbus!! And here is some stoner guy's thoughts on the furry bug and another bug he once found. Brilliant. (I love YouTube...)

Also check out the ultimate nerd toy. I like his guns and his target practice setup.

Update: That damn cute mini catbus is totally poisonous! I'm serious:
... venomous spines ... extremely painful reactions... numbness, tingling, rashes and blisters, ... chest pain and anaphylaxis.
Okay, no cuddling the mini catbus.

1 comment:

Green Apple Cat said...

Thank you for finding all these cool things on You Tube. I heard something about people watching less television cuz they can just look at stuff on You Tube instead.

I really liked the guy talking. And the bug. And the big machine.