by simon baird

Monday, August 14, 2006

The groundskeepers at Rowe's Bay are real turkeys

I played the par 3 course. I scored two fours and a three right here (yeah baby) plus quite a few fine 7s and 8s. Kept the same ball for the entire nine holes. This bush turkey was raking leaves near the carpark. It was very methodical thorough and looked like it had been working for a while. I don't know why it was doing that. Perhaps it was hiding some incriminating evidence.


PiB said...

Why was the turkey digging the leaves? It's a mound building bird, the males scrap together a huge mound of leaves. Females lay eggs in the mound and wander away. The male tends the eggs and the mound by checking the temperature regularly and removing or adding more material to regulate the temperature. Once the eggs hatch, the fledgling turkeys are on their own.

(I bet you really needed to know that!)

simon said...

I did need to know that! I hope my little guy impressed his lady. I was impressed and he wasn't even finished. :)

simon said...

My blog is now officially educational. :)

PiB said...

Happy to be of service.