by simon baird

Monday, July 09, 2007


if I had to pick my favourite animal in the world it would be an octopus or a squid. they are awesome cool creatures in fact they can change colours and even their shape. sometimes they can put on light shows way down in the deep ocean. also they can open jars and do other sweet tricks like that. and they can fight sperm whales. usally the whale will win but now and again a collosal squid would surprise a cocky sperm whale who thought he had some easy lunch and end up getting wrestled to the bottom of the ocean and then a giant squid beak stuck through his eye. one more good thing about squids is they have a beak and big eyes and also if you piss them off they will squirt you with ink. Probably they could also take on a whole room of ninjas especially if the room was underwater. in conclusion the best animal of all is the octosquid. It has the powers of both a squid and an octopus and that's why it is the best animal. also camels are pretty cool.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Did you see the camel at the show? Did it see Milly? I did a project on Giant Squids in grade 5 because I thought they were rad. I think it's amazing no one has seen a full grown one alive yet. (Last I heard anyway)