by simon baird

Monday, July 09, 2007

important information that i learned from the da vinci code

I just read da vinci code. I'm going to save you the bother of reading it yourself by telling you this important information:
  1. Jesus was a great philospher and leader but never claimed to be the Son of God
  2. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and got her pregnant. There are decendants of Mary and Jesus alive today
  3. Christianity as we know it now was basically invented in 400AD by a roman dude named Constantine who ordered the new Testament to be written, removing lots of stuff about Jesus getting married inventing the Son of God part. He was a pagan himself but saw Christianity as the future of repressing society, collecting money, devaluing women and the pagan "sacred female"
  4. The "real" books of the apostles (about 120 of them), Jesus's own writings plus detailed genealogical records of Jesus's decendants, along with a sarcophagus containing Mary's body exists and is kept hidden by a secret society called "Priory of Sion". This is the real Holy Grail.
  5. Part of the church subverting paganism involved recasting pagan deities (eg, the goat) into satan and rebadging pagan rituals like easter, christmas, Mary (the catholic Mary), (but we knew this already right?).
  6. The "Knights Templar" was a group of Knights who served the Priory of Sion and protected the Grail. One of the popes ordered hundreds of them to be murdered one day on the Friday the 13th (which was the original Friday the 13th).
  7. The Priory of Sion exists today and sometimes carry on pagan sexual rites such as in the movie Eyes Wide Shut and it's grand masters have included Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci and other famous dudes
  8. Countless references and allusions to Mary and the true Grail story are hidden in art and literature. Also many books have been written on the topic.
Well there might be more but that's the gist of it. Of course it's just a novel but nevertheless interesting stuff. Dan Brown's FAQ. Typical Christian debunking

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