by simon baird

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Xbox 360 round up

so I have become quite fond of my xbox 360 recently. I am pretty much a HD snob now. gaming in HD is very good. I feel like Nintendo was wrong to leave HD off the wii. my cheap-as-I-can-find 40 inch LCD and my 360 are a match made in heaven. random notes:
  • Half Life 2 Orange Box. It's coming soon. HL2 orig plus HL2 ep 1 plus HL2 ep 2. HL2 was beautiful on the Xbox. On the 360 at 720 I expect it to be godly. I will not mind replaying the first half of the game.
  • PGR4. I have PGR3 and I wasn't sure that the weather effects and new cities were enough to warrant a purchase. But just now I discover that it will include bikes. Yeow. I can't wait to try the "in-car" camera on a bike. That could be good.
  • Viva Pinata. This game is so wonderful. I won't try to explain it here but the game has so much depth you could probably play it for years before doing everything there is to do. This kind of game is like crack for Milly. She's level 64 or so and has master breeder award for most of the lower level animals.
  • Table Tennis by Rockstar. I bought this for $20 at EB. It's very cool. The players are very serious looking. They never crack a smile. My nephew age three can kick my butt at this game.
  • Kameo by Rare. I got this for free and only just bothered to try it out. It's actually very cool. I've done the first intro level and enjoyed it quite a lot. Possibly not a five star game but I think I'll give it another go.
  • Halo 3. September. Enough said.
  • Dead or Alive 4 (or whatever number). I'm not really into this. I think it's time for realistic motion capture in fighting games. Marionette legs look stupid.
  • Gears of War. I like it a lot but for one reason or another I've only played the first two levels. Will get back to it soon.
  • Grand Theft Auto 4. Watch here. This will be amazing.
So all in all it's a good time to own a 360.

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