by simon baird

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My House in SketchUp

Imaginary Art Project 1
Repeatedly create your house and everything in it in SketchUp with successively more detail. Stop when your toothbrush has individually modelled bristles.

Imaginary Art Project 2
For fun, extract all objects from We Love Katamari and make them available as a SketchUp component library.

I have started on Project 1 myself: For the record this took me about 90 minutes with the amazing SketchUp. And it looks almost exactly like my house even though I didn't put accurate dimensions on anything! Next thing to add is the upstairs interior walls. And my drum kit. :)


Anonymous said...


I don't do I.T.

You should leave architecture to Architects!

This is a friendly warning! I'll send the Architecture police around next time.

Jon L

simon said...

Ha ha!

Green Apple Cat said...

It really DOES look like your house. Wow.