by simon baird

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random notes...

  • Today I wore a scarf to work! I thought you would want to know. Townsville turned a little wintery this week and there is quite a wind chill factor at 70 kph on a scooter.
  • Someone referred to me as "Simon himself" on the TiddlyWiki mailing list. :) Heh heh.....
  • Sigur Rós live was amazing. The Enmore had slightly better sound but I think the overall atmosphere was better at The Tivoli. I will post my photos and maybe some videos some time soon. I found this piece on the band from NZ television. Also playlists and bootlegs are here
  • Joanna Newsom is good beyond words. I figured out what Sadie is about. It has to be her insecure religous mother. Now I know this I have to think it's one of the most beautiful and sad songs ever written.
  • Everybody Hates Chris kind of sucks. I gave up watching it after about three episodes. Sorry for the bad advice earlier
  • Currently reading Setting Free The Bears by John Irving. He's very good though it is possible that he is not in fact God. I am trying to read in chronological order but I started out of sequence with 158 Pound Marriage.

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