by simon baird

Friday, April 07, 2006

Cyclone Larry Destruction

Here's a set of nine photos in flickr taken by a friend of mine showing some of the damage Cyclone Larry did in Innisfail. I still can't get hold of the video I saw on Sky News. As far as cyclones go it was a well behaved one. They said it was heading for Innisfail and that's where it went. I was in Brisbane while the cyclone was coming. I hadn't seen much news and only heard about it on Sunday. I slept uneasily thinking it might take a turn southwards and head for Townsville. Also I thought that even if our house survived, the power would go out, the freezer would thaw, the cats would run away and the shed would get flattened. In Townsville they closed the airport and the schools and most workplaces. They evacuated northern suburbs at risk going underwater in a storm surge. But Townsville was lucky and got barely any wind. Our flight home on the Tuesday went ahead on schedule. Mediawatch last week had this segment. To sum up, a Sydney columnist called Innisfail residents a bunch of whingers. Media watch aired some intelligent and articulate responses from some locals including one from "Txt the Editor" in the Townsville Bulletin. (Go Txt'ers!) Read the transcript here.

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PiB said...

Stupid Sydneysider. Category 5 cyclones are all dangerous violent storms. It was fortunate for the rest of us that Larry came ashore at a smaller town and not either Cairns (which did get significant damage) or Townsville (which did not suffer this time). They should make her go north and spend some time in one of the ruined homes.