by simon baird

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Joanna Newsom

I have just discovered and fallen in love with Joanna Newsom, thanks to seeing her on rage. I think she's not actually human but an elf of some kind. Maybe a gelfling. Just look at her ears. I told Chris about her and he was like, "Well duh! I told you we went to see her in October." He also told me she played her harp until her fingers nearly bled. Here is a video, a CD and some lyrics.


PiB said...

She should stick with the harp and hire a singer. It's a little girl voice and frequently offkey. Not going to be my favourite performer till someone else sings the lyrics.

simon said...

It's true that her voice isn't the most technically skilled. (I seem to like quite a few singer/songwriters in that category. :) Though I would like to hear Alison Krause or someone else from the O Brother Where Art Thou sountrack doing This Side of the Blue.

Carol said...

I also came to know about her just a few time ago and fell in love with her. She's so strange and truly from another world. I agree - she's a fairy or a gelfling!
And to the people who doesn't like her voice: I love it. She shouldn't hire a singer, no way. Her voice adds a special, magical thing to her songs. I don't think it's offkey either... her voice is strange, childish, magical, beautiful. I think it's fair that she sings the songs that she composes. It comes from her soul.

(the only thing I don't like is when she makes those squeaking noises in the beginning of a phrase, but I can live with that!)