by simon baird

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

movie review: tomorrow when the war began

this movie is surprisingly good. it has a thought provoking premise and some real depth while still managing to be a solid action film. the script, casting and acting is first class, which sadly you can't always count on in australian films. the premise is that australia is invaded by indonesia (though they don't actually state the country). some high school kids escape to the hills and deal, each in their own way, with the fact that they are now fugitives in their own country. they resolve to become a resistance force in a plot involving improvised explosive devices which has to make you think about situations in the world right now where an invading force enters a country and how things might appear from the other side. the conclusion is satisfying and again let me mention the excellent performances of the cast, especially robyn, the churchy one. four stars.

update: i should mention that it's a bit teen-oriented, as were the original books. but there is enough violence that you probably don't want to take younger kids.

Trailer (a shorter one -- better to not watch the long one, too many spoilers...)

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Green Apple Cat said...

I have a vivid memory of planes flying over Townsville dropping bombs. I was on Castle Hill and I was running down but there was no point in running because the bombs could be dropped anywhere. It was terrifying! It was just a dream but I remember it like it really happened.