by simon baird

Monday, September 06, 2010 which i get some more value from my GOMA membership

(...which frankly paid for itself that time we saw Tim Finn).

It's 7-ish and we've walked all the way to GOMA for drinks, djs and the Valentino retrospective. There's a sign near the door. 'Sold Out'. Everyone's like 'I told you buy tickets online!'. I'm like, 'just a minute' and walk up.

"Oh, we are too late to get a ticket?"

"Afraid so. It's very popular"

"Aw, we've walked all the way here"

"There are some reserved tickets, but they are only for gallery members"

"Oh, excellent! I have two plus-ones. Is that okay?" [Turning around and beckoning]

"Ahem, these tickets are for gallery members only"

"Yeah, cool. We have two members, and two plus ones. Thanks!" [Moving towards ticket desk]. 
"I don't think you understand. You need to be a gallery member."

Etc. I played it out a tiny bit longer for my own amusement. Anyway, there were a lot of very impressive frocks there, some on mannequins, some walking around.  The patronage broke down roughly like this (imagine as a pie chart): female: 90%, gay male: 9.9%, me: 0.1%. Someone said one dress was worn by Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman. The mannequins have abnormally long necks and are slivery-grey. There are many security guards and 'no camera' signs. The walls are painted black. If you like fashion and beautiful dresses then you should definitely go there. Here is a link and some pictures on flickr.

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