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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fwd: martas music marathon - Friday 6, Sat 7 March 2009.

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For a feast of local live music do not miss martas music marathon this weekend. With over 20 of Townsville's best bands and musicians playing this is sure to be a weekend of music for everybody. If you are musician, a band or a local music supporter, get on down to martas from this Friday night. 30% OF ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE FLOOD VICTIMS OF NQ. Not only a great weekend of music, but the proceeds will help people stranded and devastated by the recent floods in NQ. See below for more details.


Benefit concert for the flood victims of NQ
86 Ogden Street, Townsville
6 and 7 of March 2009, 5pm to 12pm
Friday 6th of March, 5pm
Saturday 7th of March, 5pm

Friday 6th of March, 5pm

Terry Stanton - Clarinet
Sam Goudy - Guitars and Voice
Leif Morris
Yellow Birds
Brigitte Hawken - Jazz
Lonesome Trio
and many others

Saturday 7th March, 5pm

The Great Laurence and Friends
Civil Eyes
Voodoo Cats
Joff (Jon Weyand)
Blessed Outlaws
3 A.M.
Bandawalla Moons
Dave Saxby and Two Steps from Home
Carrita Cafarella

Admission 2 days Pass $20

Organized by : martas gallery
in the Loop -
Kiteboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing

Blindsight Music

Sound provided by:
Henry Jarvis Sound Systems
Mobile ...

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