by simon baird

Thursday, March 12, 2009

coldplay pics take two

recommend. i'm not a huge fan really but damn it's a good show. even
if you hate them you can marvel at his voice, how slick the show is
musically, visually and banter-wise and how ridiculously catchy the
melodies are. (try to ignore the lyrics if possible). you probably
couldn't help yourself from enjoying the sound of 13,000 (surprisingly
tuneful) people singing 'fix you' and the tarzany bit near the end of
la vida loca. stuck in my head now to the point of irritation: 'you
thought you might be a ghost... didn't get to heaven but you made it
close...' only complaint: (and it goes out to all headline acts) how
about being a bit more generous towards support acts vis a vis your
giant video screens, especially in large venues. and i wanted to hear
warning sign but really i'm not complaining about that.

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