by simon baird

Monday, January 12, 2009

dreamhost newsletter excerpt...

Yesterday when I was at home sick with my crazy pooping virus, I let my
dog Salt out onto our balcony where he apparently likes to take in the
cool Santa Monica breezes and smell the cars go by. Sometimes he likes
it so much, he can't be bothered to come inside and ask to go out, so he
just poops right out there.

Well, after a few minutes, he let out a couple of barks. That was sort
of weird.. he sometimes barks at cars when we're on a walk, but never
from the balcony. After another minute he barked a few more times.
Weird. Finally, when he barked again, I went out to see what this fool
dog was up about!

When I got out there, I saw, surprise, surprise, that Salt had already
done his "business" and was standing on the far side of the balcony,
facing the doorway. Well, fine. I got a paper towel and cleaned up his
mess. After I was done, Salt went back inside and promptly fell sleep.
That's when it hit me.. he had been calling for help after being TRAPPED

In related news, we are now using Fast CGI to process PHP everywhere,
which pretty much is just a win win win thing. There's nothing you need
to do, and whether you notice it or not, I cannot say. In fact, we'd
been doing this already as sort of a test for anybody who signed up in
the last eight months or so, but now it's UNIVERSAL!

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