by simon baird

Monday, October 06, 2008


This is what i heard while driving into town today:
It's Wake Up, Arcade Fire's set opener at Enmore (only recorded properly by Triple J). It was to promote the fact that the whole show will be played on ABC2 tonight at 10pm. (Note well, music fans).

(I went to the bank and came back in time for...)
Midnight Madness. This song was blowing my mind, especially the buildup around 2:40, and filling me with unexpected joie de vivre/musique. I didn't know what it was and there was no back announce. I thought it was called Midnight Mass so after fruitless searching I found there is a playlist. Chemical Brothers. Of course.

Then there was news followed by this:
I was already pretty much in love with Soko after "I'll keel 'eur" but this ukelele song on the radio struck me as so beautiful my heart became dandelion fluff. (I guess I was feeling a raw emotionally. I said goodbye to two cats in two days. And I'm moving, but not to Brisbane). Here are the lyrics. She likes Daniel Johnston.

So now I'm parking the car and this comes on:
It's Wide Open Road, The Triffids

Sometimes I love Triple J.


Gomez said...

Will you be seeing your cats again?

Green Apple Cat said...

Man oh man. Soko is pretty cute.