by simon baird

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fail point two

Fail point one was about a 25 minute bike ride. Quite enjoyable. Cruising along the river. Sunset. Afternoon traffic thinning. Sealed road except for about 50 m. Fail point two however was an adventure. To get here I back-tracked and went along the dam and then along some soft dirt and gravel corrugated roads that my bike was not made for, stopping several times to remove glove and consult iPhone for directions. It got dark rapidly. There are some houses out there and I thought I could hear banjos if you know what I mean. Also I was nearly out of fuel and imagining what it would be like to hit some extra soft gravel and drop the bike. Then a weird bird came at me. It was guarding some horse poo on the road and seriously wanted to attack me. I could sense its irrational hatred. It loomed in my headlights like a creature from silent hill one. And there was some unexplained mist or fog in the distance that I didn't feel like stopping to investigate. So I was a tiny bit glad to find that last gate. Even if it said 'welcome geohashers' instead of 'trespassers prosecuted' I might have been ready to get the hell out of there. And now I realise I had quite a ways to go down the spooky dirt road of unknown quality. Not to mention the walk to the geohash location which seemed to be 100 or 200 m off the road. I'll give you the gmap links tomorrow. Can't seem to find the copy and paste button... ;)

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