by simon baird

Friday, June 06, 2008


the mayor made a speech

there were some cute choi kwang do kids

there was some maori poi dancing

and a band played


Green Apple Cat said...

Have you thought of painting your bass?
I could get you the paint brushes.
How's your banjo going?

simon said...

I went to Artie's to get strings and they didn't have any. So I ordered some strings on eBay. They should be here any day now.

Green Apple Cat said...

I just re-strung mine a couple of days ago. I'd forgotten the joy of banjo.

Tsk tsk to Artie's for not keeping banjo strings in stock.

simon said...

well they had six string and four string strings in stock. but they were fresh out of five string strings

Green Apple Cat said...

pfffffff. a 6 string ain't a real banjo and a 4 string is just half a banjo. I do not retract my tsk tsk