by simon baird

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

banjo etc

by popular demand here is a banjo status update. i have strings. ebay is good. i strung it up being careful to put the bridge back just where it came from. the little hooks were a little fiddly. i used a pin to help secure them. i was having trouble tuning it until i realised the bridge was about an inch closer to the neck that it should have been. so the poor banjo has been quite tuneless for who knows how long. i nudged the bridge into the right spot and now it sounds lovely. so i am using the G tuning. is that a good one? D/G/B/D (starting at the fat string, since i'm a bass player). the other thing is i'm missing the tuning peg for the fifth string. it's the little runty string at the top. stevie says he might be able to find it in his room. but he can't remember to look for it. so it looks like i'm either going to try to get a new one or go to his house one day with a metal detector. (i've heard he isn't particularly good at housekeeping).

in other news on the weekend i had a monster garage sale and sold loads of junk to strange people who visit garage sales. a guy across the road bought all my old video games and consoles for $80. this includes: sega megadrive (possibly broken) sega saturn, two (mostly) broken dreamcasts, a snes and a ps1 and miscellaneous games. (the gamecube and n64 sold at our last garage sale). also i sold the scooter. farewell you. we had our good and bad times. like when your keys when missing and no-one could figure out how to make new ones and then finally when i had a key they didn't put you back together right and i couldn't open the seat to put fuel in but it didn't matter because you stopped working after that and let me ride a push bike to work for oh about three months until you were back on the road just long enough to wear out your water pump propeller and overheat and wreck the cylinder and piston which i (stupidly) decided to repair only to have you stop working again with problems no mechanic in town could fix until my mate from work's friend sorted you out and you've been going pretty well ever since. like when you taught me how it feels to lean and accelerate though the little s bend on lindeman avenue and the time i made you go on the ring road bridge and i knew you had to be replaced by a proper bike. farewell.

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