by simon baird

Monday, April 30, 2007

Timbaland is the new King of Pop

The last few Nelly Furtado singles are just ridiculously good, particularly the last two, ("Say it right", "All good things..."), and I don't mean just "good, for a pop song". Plus what about these: the Pussycat dolls song ("Wait a minute"), the one with JT and Nelly, ("Give it to me"), some of the JT stuff, "My love", "Goes around/comes around", (I didn't care for "Sexy Back"). Timbaland dethrones Pharrell, all hail.

In other pop music news, the award for worst (non-)rhyming, "delicious/addictive" goes to Avril. And the coolest pop song of the week goes to Cupid's Chokehold. Did you notice that guy raps almost exactly like Eminem?

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