by simon baird

Monday, April 30, 2007

i blog my weekend, the sequel

  • Friday night, I go to play poker. It's the Australian Poker League. I have to sign up and get my little player id card. Since I don't know where I'm going I got trapped into joining the Brother's Leagues Club. $5.50. I was early, had to sit around for a while. I met this woman who started talking to me. Turns out she knows A. Moll. Alex is there. I talk to a tall bearded guy who works at the hospital. A woman at my table tells about when she went down to a big tournament somewhere. You have to pay your own air fares but it's worth it she says. A guy at my table spills his beer all over the table. Eventually I get knocked out about 10:20pm which is not too bad, I guess I almost made it to the top 50%. Won a few pots but didn't have much luck. I think I will play again.
  • After I get home I start watching Big Brother Up Late. So far BB has bored me (first week) but I get sucked in to Emma and what's her name in the bath tub discussing nominations. Later (Sunday night, dinner and BB at K & S's), I shush people when I can't hear. So I guess I'm 100% hooked again. Oh well. :)
  • Since I'm tired and feel lazy I sleep in and miss circuit with Viv. Milly goes and says it was great. She has brekky afterwards with the On Fire crew and gets hard poached eggs on her benny. (Side note: Lately this is the bain marie of our lives. To all breakfast chefs: poached eggs are meant to have SOFT yolks. And don't say I should have pacifically arksed for soft. I didn't have to ask you to NOT burn the toast did I? Gah. Well I suppose this is what you have to live with when you live in a regional centre).
  • Well the rest of the weekend I mostly just sat around staring at the TV feeling laziness and vague guilt for my idleness. Oh and I watched Hostel. Ew.

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