by simon baird

Monday, November 22, 2010

A fork appears in the road...

This blog is closing down.

[Pause for gasps and murmurs].

Dry your eyes internet. I would not leave you out in the cold like that!

I am splitting this blog into two blogs. Like a primordial amoeba. What was one is now two.

Blog #1:
Bookmark or subscribe to this for my pointless photos, sporadic musings and occasional half-hearted music review.

Blog #2:
Bookmark or subscribe to this for posts about programming, code snippets and other geek stuff.
(Ps, sorry about the recycled content. Just needed something to kick start things over there).

Now you must choose. The left path or the right. Or you could follow both, like some kind of bad Harry Potter plot device. (Or you could find a bus and get the hell out of here).

Now, if you please, I would like to take a moment to fondly remember...

"it's my blog"
13 Sep, 2005 - 22 Nov, 2010

And don't forget, you can come back any time to browse the archives and relive some of those sweet memories. (I know that's what I will be doing).

1 comment: said...

You always can publish something absorbing that does not waste minutes of your life like what you see on countless other sites. This is very interesting and I will be back for more:-P