by simon baird

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

sleigh bells!

tell 'em (track 1)
never has a song intro more effectively communicated the message "WAKE THE EFF UP AND LISTEN TO THIS! :)"

riot rhythm (track 3)
mad chromatic gee-tar riff ftw

rill rill (track 7)
delicious summery chill-out without even trying

and the rest of it is as good

check it out

Sleigh Bells
Treats (2010)
(Content owner: Liberation Music)


trevorandersen said...

"Treats" is my third favourite album of the year.

simon said...

have to ask... 1 & 2?

trevorandersen said...

1. HOoM
2. "The ArchAndroid" by Janelle Monáe