by simon baird

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

don't judge me, ok?

0. ok, so what if I voted for coin laundry.. don't judge me, ok? :P
1. I have no idea of the names of tracks on the xx album, I just chose
the two of the list..
2. Ditto silversun pickups except I chose the ones with the song title
in the lyrics..
3. Darn I forgot to vote for that Jonsi song.. and prob 5 others I
will think of later
4. Blood for #1 by a ridiculous margin, not kidding.

1 comment:

Green Apple Cat said...

There's nothing wrong with that Coin Laundry song.

I looked at the list of songs to chose from. I had no idea the Prodigy and Air had new stuff out this year. My finger is off the pulse.