by simon baird

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Robot ideas

A robot beating federer at tennis would be pretty cool.

Would a robot tennis tournament be interesting?

Already we have robot soccer (but it's not really prime-time ready).

A humanoid robot with the speed and dexterity of this guy would be capable of amazing things.

How about a decathlon type event where a single humanoid robot competes against its peers at:
  • tennis
  • judo
  • gymnastics
  • chess
  • jai-alai
  • fencing
  • etc
  • perhaps some kind of obstacle course ala american gladiator
The prize would be $X million. Sponsored by Red Bull and Virgin Galactic. The cost of entry would be large, but not incomparable to Formula 1. It would be televised once a year in a weekly format, possibly with elimination rounds. The winning robots become celebrities and would get sponsorship deals like Michael Jordon or Tiger Woods.

And for about $2000 (in today's money) you could buy a consumer model of the winner to do your vacuuming and fetch your groceries.


Swayambhu said...

wow! u hav sm grrrr8 vision stuffed up in ur cranium...i'd love to see sucha thng...n more importantly i'd die to wrk on sucha prjct...

i evn read smwhr dat arnd 2020, ppl wud b havin sex wid robots n dat by 2050 robot marriage might as well b legal in US states like Massachusetts...

Green Apple Cat said...