by simon baird

Monday, October 22, 2007

A glimpse into the future of music

  1. Create a virtual pop group using Vocaloid in the style of say the Spice Girls.
  2. Model the girls in 3d have them appear in sexy videos using computer animation. (Alternatively hire the guys who did the Gorillaz videos)
  3. Profit.

Actually this probably already happened in Japan, not sure.

Vocaloid on YouTube

There is a downloadable demo of Vocaloid 2, recently available with English voices. See here for details and demo tracks like this one where Lola sounds quite a bit like Jimmy Somerville. The demo version only sings the words "I", "love", "you", "baby" which should be enough for at least the first two singles.

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Green Apple Cat said...

It can sing a bit deeper than Jimmy Somerville. :-)