by simon baird

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Buffalo

I was in the front row. It was nice. She mostly did new songs but a couple of older ones, She did "Yes", which she described as being about sex, and this one: Sally played piano mostly with a couple of songs on a classical guitar, She was accompanied by Jessica who played percussion, a little keyboard, cello and backing vocals. She seemed a little nervous but that's kind of her style. The crowd gave her a pretty good response I think. The new songs went pretty well. "I'm the drunk and you're the star" was very memorable as was "You've gone my friend". "Cheer Me Up Thank You" is my new favourite. There were some sampled vocals (the ah ah ahh part) but Jessica sang the bom bom bom part and it was super sweet. I didn't record that sadly but here is the video:

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Green Apple Cat said...

You're a lucky man. Good sound on that video too!

How was Paul Kelly? "God Told Me To" gets played all the time on the radio at work. It actually sounds better each time, which is the reverse of what usually happens for me.