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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weird girly singer round-up

okay so I have recently learned that Camille is actually quite well known and in fact was in the the Triple J top 100 last year. So I am offering a full refund to all readers of my blog who feel unsatisfied with the freshness of my music related posts. Just present your ticket stub at the desk on the way out.

To make ammends here is my weird girly singer round up.


I have listened to their new CD. Very cool. Very weird. Could be my new favourite.


Well the 1,2,3,4 song is super but so far other tracks on her latest album haven't grabbed me much.

New Buffalo

I'm a big fan of her first album, so much so that I made this web site. First impressions of her new album are that it's a little bit dull compared to the first album. Seems to have replaced her samples and loops with boring piano songs. But I will listen some more.


French. Lost of song writing talent. Very french. Not entirely weird but weird enough. I feel like I might become tired of it some day but not yet.

Francois Breut (curly bit on the c)

French. Favourite of Greenapplecat. Less annoying that Camille. But actually I can't find her album on my usual music sources sites so I can't really say.

Regina Spektor

Zzzz. Well she's nice but I thought the song writing on her album was pretty bland overall.

Cat Power

Nice also. Not as quite bland as Regina. I guess she was cool ('tube "cross bones style") but her album seems too slow and casino lounge bar for my taste.

Missy Higgins

Not really weird or even that girly but she has a new album out and she's a fellow Aussie so I thought I would mention her. I can't listen to Sound of White any more but her new single and video and Missy herself are just so darn likeable.

Bjork (dot dot on the o)

I love Bjork but I her unmelodic wailing is too much for me. Actually I haven't listened to her latest album so I suppose I should give it a try. Maybe she should do an album with Timbaland.

Joanna Newsom

She is weird and girly but so beyond comparison so I don't really want to mention her on this list.

I was going to add a picture or a video for each one but that would be like at least 5 pictures or so come on give me a break.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Have you had a chance to listen to Francois Breut yet? Dunno what I'd recommend you listen to first. Probably Vingt à trente mille jours