by simon baird

Thursday, January 11, 2007


well I was quite caught up in the hype there for a bit. I've calmed down a little since I learned that a. even in the US it's not out until June and b. my guess is Australia will be a long long time after that. But... I predict an iPod only version of that will hit before too long. mmm... touch your music... Go watch the keynote if you like your world-changing gadget announcements.

Ps I have the new shuffle! It's just great for doing chores in your underpants. You can clip it right on your waist band. Washing dishes has never been so much fun. I used to use the old shuffle but it was always dangling round my kneck and threatening to flop into the sink so I'd try to keep it around my back and well that makes it hard to reach the buttons as you can imagine. My new shuffle rating: five steve jobses out of five.


Green Apple Cat said...

My wife and I have matching shuffles. She has a flower sticker on hers. They are indeed awesome.

PiB said...

Chores in your underpants? Simon, that was *way* ***way*** too much information.