by simon baird

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thom Yorke - new song live

If you're like me and the sound of Thom holding any tuneful vowel sound longer than 4 seconds has a reasonable chance of inducing involuntary goosebumps no matter how unlistenable the song then click here to see Thom live and accoustic on the Henry Rollins internet TV show. (Did that sentence need commas?) And it's almost listenable. Apparently he has a new solo album coming out soon. Via Stereogum


Green Apple Cat said...

Wow. I wasn't aware of this Rollins sight. So much gold!!! Frank Black!! Need I say more?

PiB said...

Watched the video. Simon, your comments scared me. However, my hubbie has Neil Young and Loudon Wainwright III albums. This guy sings really well by comparison.

Henry Rollins show. Interesting guy, might be worth watching.