by simon baird

Friday, December 16, 2005


Last Saturday was my first real poker game. It went pretty well. Five players, three games with $5 entry fee, winner takes all. I few things I learned:
  • We had plenty of chips and decided eventually on black chips = 10, colours = 1. I think black = 5 would be better next time so the colours are more useful.
  • We started out doubling the blinds every time the dealer button got around the table. This doesn't work as when you're down to two players doubling the blinds repeatedly means the short stack can't survive more than a couple of hands. So better is to increase the blind when someone is eliminated. And not neccessarily double it either.
  • I thought that only highest card was significant in comparing flushes, ie A,2,3,4,5 and A,7,8,9,10 is a split pot because both have Aces as highest card. But, as Daniel informed me this is not the case. I learned this very well as I lost many chips with low flushes. :)
  • We left out side-pot betting when someone was all in to prevent confusion but I think we can handle it next time. :)
  • We didn't do check-raises. I don't quite understand when you can check-raise. Can anyone check-raise whenever they've checked?
  • Michelle, Daniel and Alex won a game each. So everyone except me and Adam went home ten dollars up.

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